We are going to try to explain every option that is on my price list.  It might be best to print the price list and go through the options with that.  All the options are not on the price list. Going through the price list can be pretty challenging.  Many of us don't deal with the terminology every day.  I will try to make it simple.  My goal is for you to understand everything that makes up the value of the home so you can make a good buying decision.  

There are no right answers to the option list.  A home without options is as good as a home with options.  

There will be options that Dutch offers that I don't discuss here.  Dutch's option list is 7 pages long -2 columns wide.  After discussing what options are good for you, I would be happy to email a copy of their total option price list to you.  It is too hard to follow unless we you have a good basis for understanding each option.  

I hope that this will lead you and I into a discussion as to what it good for you.

This is not meant as an all encompassing option list.  It is just meant to give you an idea over what is available to you.  

Option Pages

These are in the order of the price sheet. Click on the option for a further discussion of each option in that category.

To make it easier, there are a couple of terms that you should know.  Standard- is not extra charge.  IPO stands for In Place Of.  Usually IPO standard.  Door side is the side the front door side is.  Off Door side is the opposite side of the front door.   

  1. 2019 Option Brochure2019 Option Brochure
  2. Ultimate Kitchen 2Ultimate Kitchen 2
  3. Ultimate Kitchen 3Ultimate Kitchen 3
  4. BathroomsBathrooms
  5. Cabinets and TrimCabinets and Trim
  6. ConstructionConstruction
  7. ExteriorExterior
  8. Interior OptionsInterior Options
  9. Doors and WindowsDoors and Windows