Interior Options

Drywall (Tape and textured walls) or Vinyl on Gypsum (VOG)

This is the 1st decision that you will make regarding your home.  Do I want VOG or Drywall.  Both products are a sheet rock material.  Drywall (tape and textured) is where there are no strips between the sheet rock panels.  The seams are tape and textured.  The drywall comes primed painted.  There is an option for priming with colored primer.  Actually it is painted.  They call it primer so they can avoid some painting warranty claims.  By calling it a primer, they are saying that this is not the final paint job, even though it certainly could be.

VOG is vinyl covered over gypsum board.  VOG is standard. VOG does not require painting.  

Which one is better?  It is just a matter of what you like.  Drywall is more money.  The VOG is easier to maintain.  Vinyl can be washed off.  Drywall requires painting from time to time.  Most people choose Drywall for Double wide homes and VOG for single wide homes

VOG wall board.  Notice the strips (hard to see in picture) on the left and right.  Strips are generally 4' apart.

Painted Drywall (no strips, tape and textured) shown with entertainment center.  Standard color would be white.  3 color selections available. 

Finished Ceiling Joints.  

Finished ceiling joints are where the joints where the ceiling meets the wall are tape and textured rather than the standard wood trim covering the joints.  I have only ordered this option once. 


This is the ceiling joint between the ceiling and the drywall wall.  Wall is painted.  Look closely hard to see.  The takeaway is that there is no ceiling trim.    

Tray Ceilings

Tray ceilings (2 tier soffit with Can Lights) really splash up a home.  Master bedrooms are where most of the Tray Ceilings are installed.  They must have 4 walls around them to anchor it.  Open kitchens, Living and family rooms are not a good candidates for a tray ceiling.  They would have to do extra construction to those rooms.  If you want it, we can figure it out though.  

Backsplash (Ceramic, Laminate, Subway Mosaic) and Crescent Edging

If you choose drywall, ceramic backsplash is standard.  You can option Mosaic with drywall.  With VOG, you can choose either Ceramic or laminate.

Laminate Back splash


Ceramic Backsplash

Ceramic is a hard smooth surface.  Laminate is the same material as the countertops. 

Crescent edging is where the edges of the counter tops are rounded on the edge.  Nice option.  I put it on most of my homes.


Crescent Edging.  (Standard in Ultimate Kitchens) 

Linoleum In place of (IPO) Carpet and upgraded Lino and Carpet

Linoleum has been chosen IPO of carpet quite regularly by customers.  Especially single wide homes.   Many prefer lino with pets and high traffic areas.  Many still prefer carpet in the bedrooms.  They like the warmth of carpeting on the feet. 

We strongly recommend the upgraded lino option due to the fact that a higher mil rate will make it harder to tear.  

The Standard carpet is 13 oz.  It can be upgraded to a 16 oz or a 25 oz carpet.   


There are a lot of fireplace options. You can see many of them in the pictures below.  They come priced as wood burning or electric.  You can add a gas option.  This would be added to the fireplace that you choose.  

Click here to see drawings of the different fireplaces with prices.  

Other Interior options

There are too many to display here.  We will display some of the more popular ones below in the gallery.  Some colors may be dated.  Consult the Option Brochure for more available Options.  Click here to see the Option Brochure.


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