Used Homes

Welcome to the used home page.  

Homes can be sold on location or they can move to the location of your choice.  All the homes that I sell are:

  • nice.  None need work.  I don't sell homes that "need work".
  • they perfect?  No.
  • not smoke free.  I will try to tell you if the home has been smoked in or if there are any smoke odors.  
  • pet free?  No almost all have had pets in them at some time.  I will not sell a home that has a heavy pet odor.   
Sold On location

We can sell homes in the parks that they are located.  You must clear their criminal and credit  background checks.   Some are occupied and some are vacant.  On each page there is a link to financing.  

Moving to your Location  

As a general rule, they can be moved to your location.  The moving costs are not included in the price.  I will be happy to give you a guestimate on the moving costs.  You will have a bid from a mover before any deal is consummated.  I do have movers that can move the home..  

Very important.  The finance company that I use will finance the home and the move.   

STRONGLY RECOMMEND.  Don't see anything that you are interested in?  I suggest that you "follow" Nelson Homes.  This will notify you when a used home comes out.  If you don't do Facebook, I suggest that you have a son, daughter, sister, uncle, mom "follow" it for you.  They can then tell you if something interesting come out.  People say "please give me a call when you get something".  I frankly forget.   the link to the Facebook page to follow is https: 

Suggestion.   I have had a number of people that have said to call them if a used home comes out.  The chances of getting a used home are pretty slim.  There has just not been a lot of homes come out.  You may want to price out a new home.  The moving costs are included on a new home.  They are not on a used home.   They are considerable.  It doesn't cost anything to check it out.  You may consider calling and talking to me.  We can discuss your personal situation.  There are just not many used double available.  Just a thought.....

  1. Sold 2010 16 X 80(76) 3 BR, 2 BA Meadow Park Liberty.  Fargo    $50,000Sold 2010 16 X 80(76) 3 BR, 2 BA Meadow Park Liberty. Fargo $50,000
  2. Sale Pending 2020 16 X 40 1BR,1BA Midcountry.  lncludes move   $59,000Sale Pending 2020 16 X 40 1BR,1BA Midcountry. lncludes move $59,000
  3. We Buy Used Homes, Any location, Any ConditionWe Buy Used Homes, Any location, Any Condition