Manufactured Homes

Nelson Homes, located in West Fargo, ND, sells new Dutch Manufactured Homes. Every new home is priced, and unlike many new home dealers, I display my prices right on the website. Not only the homes that I have in stock, but every home that is available by Dutch Housing is priced.

The Nelson Way

We market our homes differently than other manufactured home dealers. I encourage you to spend some time on the website. You can get more information from the website than if you visited all the other manufactured home builders.

Read about “The Nelson Way” (PDF, 90.85 KB).

New Homes

This website is designed to give maximum information presented in a clear, precise, and transparent way. It is designed for you to do a major amount of shopping from your home.

  • A price - this is not the base price; it is priced like most of the buyers of that home would option the home
  • A printable floor plan
  • Virtual tours on many of the homes

I think that I am the only dealer that puts prices on the web. I am proud of my prices. I have been told that they are quite a bit lower than my competitor’s homes.

My goal is to give you all the information possible for you to decide if a Dutch Home purchased from Nelson Homes is a good fit for you.


The resources page has information on the following:

  • Financing - link to financing website
  • Facebook - link to Facebook Page where you can get notified of used home listings as soon as they come out; Recommend
  • Contact Information - phone, email form, location, and directions


I encourage you to contact me. I promise that I won’t call, email, or bug you. I know that fear keeps a lot of people who would like to call but don’t want a salesman chasing them. I know because I am one of them. No matter what topic(s) that you have questions about, I encourage you to call. You are not wasting my time. My number is (701) 277-0042. Let’s talk.