Buying your Home

We buy homes.  

  • Free Consultation.  Maybe it would be best to sell it for you or you sell it yourself.  
  • I come out to look at the home and discuss all options with you.  
  • We buy homes anywhere up to 300 miles away from Fargo
  • We buy homes that might need some work. 
  •  You can sell right away or at a future date.    

Should I sell my home myself?

Yes, You Can.  It does not come without a certain amount of pain.

The Questions that you have to ask yourself are:

  • Where do I market my home?  Facebook Marketplace?  Craigs List?
  • Does my buyer have financing?  Where can I send them for financing.  
  • Do I have any suggestions for a mover if they want to move the home?
You might say that the buyer will have to find their own financing and their own mover.  It probably won't get done if you leave it to them.  I encourage you to call banks and ask about financing and movers about moving your home.  I think that that most if not all of the banks will say that they don't finance mobile and manufactured homes.  Most of the movers will not even call you back.  They might call you back in the spring.  Probably not much after that.