Cabinets and Trim

Standard Cabinets

30" Creston Oak cabinets are standard.  The standard cabinet is a wrapped cabinet and stiles. You can upgrade them to other cabinets.   The upgrade cabinets are a hard wood and stiles. 

42" cabinets are impressive when you look at the kitchen. This is for 12 inches of cabinet at the top of the cabinet.   Expensive?  I don't know.  Seems to me that it might be.  Really looks great.  It is handy for things that you would not use often.  (Popcorn popper, crock pot, etc).  Also what comes into play is how tall are you.  You do need to a stool to reach it in many cases.  Some people like nick knack stuff on top of the cabinets also.  They really look nice though.  Half the homes that I sell order them and half stay with the 30" cabinets.

The Ultimate Kitchen 2 and 3 have some 42" cabinets in them.  If you are considering the Ultimate Kitchens, you have to upgrade to the wood cabinets.   


Ozark Shadow Cabinets

The Ozark Shadow Cabinet are a cabinet that have wood cabinet doors and stiles.  They are kind of a gray cabinet. 


Urban Putty Cabinets-

Urban Putty Cabinets are our most popular wood cabinet.  The pictures do not do them justice.  They are much nicer when you see them. 


Destin White Cabinets 

Destin White cabinets are an all wood cabinet and trim. 



Other cabinet options

Drawers Over Drawers

This is where there is a drawer over every base cabinet.  Makes for a lot of drawers.  Nice option.

Staggered Cabinets

This is where the cabinet over the stove and the cabinet over the refrigerator are raised higher than the rest of the cabinets.  Some people like them.  I don't find them particularly useful.

Miscellaneous  Cabinets

These are the Hutches,.Pantries, Islands Utility room cabinets and Entertainment Centers. 

Trim- Standard

The home comes standard with 2 inch flat trim that match your cabinet choice.

If you upgrade to wood cabinets, your trim matches the color of your cabinets.



Trim- Upgrade Wood 

There are 3 colors available.  Crescent Oak, urban Putty and white.  It is wider trim.  White is available in 3" and  and  5 1/4" width.  You can choose to do the whole home (T/O) or the Living area (LA)


 Trim - White Wrapped 

 The builder offers a white trim package that is wrapped.  It is wider than the standard trim but is less money than the wood trims.  We don't have any pictures of it.  This virtual tour has it in it.  Click here to view the virtual tour.  You can get a good view of the trim.   


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