Doors and Windows


6 panel residential doors-

This is the standard door on the front door.  There is no storm door on this home.  They are not supposed to need a storm door.  We have had them out with no storm door on them with no complaints.  However, if you want a storm door, one can be purchased at any Lowes, Menards, Home Depot or any store that sell storm doors.  

Craftsman Door

A craftsman door is a 6 panel residential door with a window in the top of the door.  

9 Light doors-

These are where there is a window in the door.  It is called 9 light because there are 9 panes of glass in the grid.  My biggest concern is security.  A person can just break one of the glass panes and turn the knob and they are in.  It is just an observation.

Cottage Rear door.  

A cottage rear door comes standard on the home.  It is a pretty good steel framed door that opens out (not into the home).  One can replace it with a 6 panel Residential door or a 9 Lite door (opens in) if you would like.   

Patio doors-

You will notice that there are varying prices depending on how many windows that they replace.  They do not come with a window blind. 

Atrium door-

 Very attractive door.  It opens like a regular door rather than a patio door.



Move Window-

This is done primarily in single section homes where you want a wall with no windows on it for TV or furniture placement.  It is also done for visibility purposes.  For instance, you want an extra window on the east side to get more morning light or no window on the west to keep the west sun out.  The lot dictates window placement.  To give more wall space, cornering the windows in a bedroom might be a good option.

Archtop window-

It is primarily used over the kitchen sink.  View it in the pictures below.  

Extra window-

Pretty self explanatory.  The places that are the most popular are lake cabins.  They can almost go anywhere.  Again, the lot will dictate the extra window placement.

14 x 40 window-

These are primarily used in the bathrooms.  You will see on many of the plans that there is no window in the bathroom.  Many put one of these in the bathroom to provide a little light and air.  I have put them in walk in closets also.

8 x 30 Transom windows-

These are primarily over the bathtubs in the master bath or bath 2.  Also many put them over the vanity in the master bedroom.  They can also go under the overhead cabinets in the kitchen.  

Picture and mini picture windows-

Picture windows are primarily in the living room.  Mini picture windows are generally over the kitchen sink.


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