Exteriors options

Exterior (elevations) options are a function of appearance.  It is completely personal choice.  No exterior option will add to your lifestyle. 

It is a personal statement.  What statement do I want to make with the exterior of my home?  Many say something that I find very frustrating.  "I want to make it look like a house."  IT IS A HOUSE!!  Whatever the home looks like on the outside or what options are on the inside, it is somebody's home. 

We are going to substitute "looks like a house" with "residential. 

Probably the biggest thing to do to make it more "residential" is to commit to a 5/12 roof pitch.  You can add bump outs and dormers to give it a personal look.  I want to emphasize that one does not have to do anything to have a nice home.  It is totally personal.

Exterior Dormer drawings and prices.  

Below are drawings of dormers and other elevation options. You may want to use more than one.  Once we get the home figured out, we can ask for them to draw the elevation that you have chosen.  The drawings are not easy to comprehend and visualize.  We find that they can be confusing.  There are some that can be used with a 3 1/2 roof pitch, some that can be used with 5 /12 roof pitch and some can be used in both.  The box in the lower right corner will tell what they are.   THE PRICES ARE ON THE EACH EXTERIOR. 

Example Elevations

Porch.  Bumpout  w/eyebrow. 

Single section.   Box out bay 

Single Optional exterior.  This is shown on a 1680 275 (2 porches).  One might consider this exterior if you plan on building something like a 3 seasons porch or something of that nature.  This is an optional exterior.  As such it has an option price.   

Vinyl Siding

Below are 5 color choices that are standard.  The Wedgewood and Sagebrook are more expensive.  They are a darker siding.  As such they have a special treatment to withstand heat.  The darker siding absorbs heat and has to have that treatment.  For a closer look, click on the picture below for a larger picture.

Click on picture above for a larger picture 

LP Smart Lap Siding.

Expensive Option.  We cannot recommend this siding.  In the past, wood siding was offered by manufacturers as standard.  Vinyl siding was optional.  The people who spent the extra money to order vinyl siding were the wise ones.  It looked like the day that it was built.  They had no maintenance or having to replace it.  Almost everyone who got the wood siding had to replace it with vinyl.  "Limited" warranties meant nothing.  They weaseled out of every claim.  We have been told that this "siding is different".  After doing a little further research.  It is not.  We suggest that you search youtube for LP Smart Lap siding failure.  We will order it if you want it.  But it will be with the warning.  Moisture will get into the siding and spread it out.  You could avoid it with extraordinary maintenance.  Wood siding of any kind has not stood the test of time on manufactured homes (or maybe any other home for that matter).

Lineal window and door trim.

Lineals have been a very popular option.  Shutters are standard. Shutters do fade with time.  Lineals are the white trim that goes around the windows and doors.  We think that lineal trim will stand the test of time. 


 Lineals with a bumpout and eyebrow dormer