Many people personalize a home with the master bathroom.  There are so many things that you can do.  You can have a larger bathroom or a smaller bathroom.  Some say "I want a big bathroom".  Some say "I want a small bathroom, after all you only do a couple of things in the bathroom."  It is just a matter of devotion of space and cost.  If you want a bigger bathroom, generally you have to make something smaller.  We can add feet to a home if it is a double section home.   However, I cannot on a 16 x 80.     

Standard Bath 

This is the bath that is drawn in the floor plan.  It is generally a Vanity, stool and a tub/shower (shown below).  Different vanities can be chosen as an option.

Radiant Spa Bath 

A Radiant Bath has: 

  • Agile Panel Shower w/2 Sided Glass
  • Shower Tower (full-body shower systems that soak you from head to toe, with features such as an overhead rainfall Shower head, and adjustable body jets.)
  • 8" Corner Shelf 
  • Free Standing Tub and Tub Faucet
  • 98" Vanity w/lav tower
  • 2 square Lav Bowls w/ Single lever Euro Faucets
  • 2- 2 Arm Bath Vanity lights
  • Framed Mirror
  • 3 24x48" Windows w/Plantation Shutters
  • Built in Cabinets
  • Cantilever Bump-Out
  • 6 in. Handles (Like handles in the Ultimate kitchens) 

Printable Radiant Spa Brochure 

Serenity Bath

This has the walk in shower with ceramic walls.  This has been very popular.  Some have tubs, some don't.  You would choose what kind of tub you want.  It also has a larger vanity. 


Ceramic Shower

This can be used IPO of the standard tub (3 sided) or it can be a stand alone (2 sided).  The 2 sided is more expensive (more glass).  


 3 Sided Agile Shower 

A 3 sided Agile shower is usually an option to replace the standard tub/shower. 


 60" shower IPO of the standard tub.

This is a nice option if you don't like a bathtub.  It comes with a nice shower door.  It does have 2 seats in the shower.  This is very popular with our senior customers. There is an optional Pivot door.  


There are a number of tubs to choose from.  From left the right: 

  • Corner Tub
  • Stand Alone tub (on bottom) Radiant Bath.
  • Deck Tub


60" Garden Tub IPO of the standard tub

Some folks want a larger tub.  This is a relatively cheap option for a large tub.  We don't have a picture of one.

Whirlpool tub.

This is where the jets are installed.  I caution folks that it may be like a fireplace.  It is like exercise equipment, you use it for the 1st 2 weeks, and it sits in the corner the rest of the time.  If you take baths, it might be a useful option.  I have seen a lot of homes where it is there and never used.  You can put them in any tub except the standard tub.


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