6 inch walls, upgrade insulation, OSB wrap, Door supports

In our opinion, these are non-option options.  These items are not standard on the home.  We wish that they were but they are not.  We have never built a home without these on them.  I doubt that I will ever either.  4 inch walls are standard.  The price you see is for the upgrade to 6 inch walls from 4 inch.  The price you see is for the insulation to be upgraded to the most insulation that we can put into the home.  OSB wrap is a hardboard material that is covered with a Homesmart wrap (similar to Tyvek, different brand name).  It is a wind resistent material. 

Door Supports

This is put on any of the doors on the side walls and not on the end walls.  It keeps the doors straight and keeps them from moving.   We must put them on for inspection purposes.  

Adding 4 Feet

Adding increments of 4 feet to the home is a favorite of ours if we need the space to achieve what you want.  It is a relatively cheap option for what you get (price per sq. ft.)

Architectural shingles 

The standard shingle is a 25 year shingle.  Architectural shingles are a 30 year shingle.  Architectural shingles are heavier and thicker than the standard shingle.  The architectural shingle is more wind resistant than the standard shingles.  The architectural shingle has a more "shake" look the them.  They are higher profile.  

5/12 roof pitch.

Available on double homes only.  What comes standard on a home is a nominal 3 which is about a 3 1/2/12 roof pitch.  What is means is this.  The pitch of the roof goes up 3 1/2 inches for each foot.  A 5/12 would be going up 5 inches per foot(12 inches).  The higher the number, the more the pitch.  The lower the number, the more flat that it is.  It is a hinged roof.  It could not be transported because of height if it were not hinged.  There is extra cost for installation of the hinged roof.  

If you are looking for the most residential look that you can get, many choose 5/12 roof pitch, architectural shingles with the use of dormers.  Click here to go to the exterior page.   


Standard roof pitch


 5/12 Roof pitch

Side porch.  This can be put on just about any home.  Does take up some space though. 


8 ft. porch.  Can be put on a single section also.   

 4 ft. Porch.  Can be put on a double section also.