3280 901 902 Woodward

$233,350.  Woodward

I have called this a Woodward home due to the kitchen and kitchen pantry.  This is not a stock factory floor plan.  I designed it and built it for a customer. We had designed it as a 4 bedroom (3280 903) for another customer.  They only needed 3 bedrooms.  We designed the 3 bedroom version together.  This is kind of unusual in that it is a 3 bedroom with an end family room.  They also want a large utility room.  We had an unusual number of options in the home.  That is why the price is higher than the others.  Where the home has squares, it designates that it is all linoleum.  They chose to just Linoleum the living room.  That decision was made after the floor plans was drawn. 

Some of the options on the home are:

  • Ultimate kitchen 2
  • Serenity shower with an oval deck tub
  • 1/2 glass on the serenity shower
  • Post by the front door.
  • 152 Entertainment center
  • McCaffrey Hutch
  • Mini picture over the sink (my favorite)
  • window over the sink in the utility room.
  • Patio door
  • Can lights all over the place.  
There is about every option that you can think of on this home.  

Floor Plans

Floor plans- Woodward family of homes.  Want to see a other homes in the Woodward family?  Click on a plan below.  


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Virtual Tour

This is the virtual tour of this home.  The price list is with the displayed options on the home.