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21st Mortgage Financing

To Fill out a 21st Mortgage application, click here. 

There will ask who you are buying it from.  Select "Manufactured home Dealer."  Nelson Homes dealer number is 243/1.

NOTE.  It will ask you for sale tax.  Don't enter anything there.  There is none.   

Here are some things about 21st Mortgage.  They are: 

  • Down payment according to your  credit scores
  • 0 to 35% down payment loans based on your credit score.  More down payment will result in lower interest rates and monthly payments.  They will tell you the interest rate in the approval letter. 
  • 0% down loan available to very high credit score customers
  • Up to 23 year terms available.  They will generally go long enough to have "low payments."
  • Find out answer in 24 hours or less.  If you don't qualify for the down payment that you applied for, they will turn you down.  They will suggest that you re-apply with a suggested amount down.  
  • Used homes are usually 10% down payment loans.  
  • Usually will approve with some larger down payment for substandard credit scores. 
  • Co-signer can help with a no credit customer.  Generally a younger adult (child)
  • Co-signer cannot help with a customer with substandard credit. 
  • You can buy for a person with 20% down payment.  This is for someone who has a child, parent etc that would not quality.  I have had a person from another state buy a home for their parent.  You don't have to be a local to do the buy for.     
  • National finance company in 48 states.  Owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet)    

Local Bank Financing

There is a local bank that finances homes.  They require good credit.  They have asked that I do not identify them on my website.  They require 20% down payment.     

I will gladly discuss the local bank financing with you, if you call.  I will not discuss over email. (too much to write).