16 x76 Homes

16 x 76 Homes

The most important thing to keep in mind is how does it fit my life and my lot.  You want doors and windows to face the right direction.  It is not as easy to customize a single section home as it is a double section home.  On the 16 x 76 foot homes if I add a foot to a room, i have to take a foot away. from somewhere else.  It is a zero sum game. ..

Floor Plans

Their are 3 basic plans.  What is in the front by the hitch determines the rest of the home.  You have Front Living rooms, Front kitchens, and front bedrooms (center kitchen and living room.  

Pricing of Homes

You will notice pricing differences between some of the models.  Some plans have more cabinets, more windows, etc.  The prices on the homes are pretty much priced with the same options.  They are priced the way that most people order the homes.  Single section homes are generally priced pretty simply. 

I priced them all with the following options:

  • 6 in walls with the most insulation that I can get in the home.
  • An Stainless steel appliance package that includes a larger refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave.  (Black appliances are less money)
  • A high efficiency gas furnace.  
  • An extra 10 can lights in addition to the standard can lights, put where you want them. 
  • Wider trim than standard (many dealers put on very narrow time on their single wide homes)
  • Miscellaneous options too numerous to list.  
  • It is not priced with Drywall.  It is priced with VOG walls (vinyl on Gypsum).  (They have the strips between the panels).  Tape and textured drywall is available. 
I like to say that I order it the way I would order it for my sister if she is on a budget.  I put on what is easier to put on at the factory than later on.  Try to make every option that is included in the home, enhances the homeowner's lifestyle.  I like to scrutinize every option selected.  

We can email you a price list for this home.  Just go to the contact page.  Tell us the model you want.  We will promptly email it to you. We would like to only do that for a maximum of 2 homes though. 

This is how we do our thing.  Click here to see "The Nelson Way".

 "Let us build it your way" 
  1. 16 x 76 085  $99,822  No Media16 x 76 085 $99,822 No Media
  2. 1676 087 $101,342  Virtual Tour1676 087 $101,342 Virtual Tour
  3. 1676 089 $104,117  Virtual Tour1676 089 $104,117 Virtual Tour
  4. 1676 090  $100,742  Virtual Tour1676 090 $100,742 Virtual Tour
  5. 1676 212 $103,892  Virtual Tour1676 212 $103,892 Virtual Tour
  6. 1676 091 $104,717  Virtual Tour1676 091 $104,717 Virtual Tour
  7. 1676 222  $104,952  No Media1676 222 $104,952 No Media
  8. 16 x 76 221  $103,352  No Media16 x 76 221 $103,352 No Media
  9. 1676 207  $106,847 Virtual Tour 1676 207 $106,847 Virtual Tour
  10. 1676 215 $106,952  Virtual Tour1676 215 $106,952 Virtual Tour
  11. 1676 235 $107,847  Virtual Tour1676 235 $107,847 Virtual Tour
  12. 1676 247 $106,847  Picture Gallery1676 247 $106,847 Picture Gallery
  13. 1676 253 $106,847   Virtual Tour1676 253 $106,847 Virtual Tour