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Below is a discussion of Prices, availability of homes and floor plans that are not on the site yet.   

This is only my opinion.  It is not gospel.  I am doing my best to assess the current situation and the situation in the future.   


7.18.21.  The prices have continued to rise.  I was just informed that we have option price increases heading our way.  I thought that it was over.  Click here to read a letter from the factory regarding price increases.  It is very interesting. 

Click here to view an exciting new program to address availability of homes.      

6.13.21.  The prices that are displayed on my website are not accurate.  There has been significant price increases due to commodity (mainly lumber & steel) increases.  That has been discussed in the news quite a bit.  I personally think that they have stabilized but I don't know.  I will be putting accurate pricing on the individual webpages.  For doubles, you can add $23,000 to $33,000 to the prices listed on the webpages and be kind of close.  For singles if you add about $17,000. I have them all priced.  I just had not put them up yet.  You can email me, I will send you an updated price list.  

6.13.21  What is going to happen in the future?  Anybody's guess.  My personal opinion is that they will not go down.  Generally the factory takes normal annual price increase in January.  They do this every year.  If prices do come down some, they may not increase their prices in January.  I have seen that before when there were increases in sheetrock.  The sheetrock came down enough to overcome the normal annual increase.  I do expect lumber to come down once demand subsides and everything gets opened up.  What that will do to the bottom line pricing.  Lumber was not the only thing that went up.  Freight due to increased fuel costs, frost piers due to increased concrete cost, sales tax (paid at factory level, not by you directly) due to the increase in the invoice, steel, appliances, etc.  You can see examples of this by shopping any hardware store. 

Stock homes.   I have a 1680 277 single wide coming in early August.  I had other homes ordered but I had to use those spots for homes that swapped out for customer homes.  I have no more spots to swap out.   

You could also check out a couple of my late model used homes. The Llnks are below.     


6.13.21  I am not able to get any more homes built this year (2021) with some exceptions.  I am told that all the factories are in the same circumstance.  If you want a home this fall, you will have to probably buy a stock home on a dealer lot.  I would get on it.  They will disappear quickly, I believe if they are not already sold out.  If you hear anything from other dealers, please email me and text me what they have told you.  I will pass it on to everybody else.  

Exceptions- Homes 56' box or smaller that do not have elaborate kitchens or baths.  Why is the exception?  The factory line is only so long. They have a lot of 80' homes on the schedule.  They do have spots where they can put in a shorter home in the line.  No ultimate kitchens, serenity baths or radiant baths.  That is pretty limited I know but that is all I have got.

What is availability so going to happen with availability next year?  This is my guess.

What is the cause of the availability problems?  Manufactured Home Communities(MHC) or Mobile Home Parks.  Whichever description that you may choose.   MHCs have been bought out by very large companies with very large amounts of cash.  They will own 30 parks or more and order 10 for each park.  That is 300 homes or more.  They rent them in their MHCs.  They have taken a lot of the older homes to the dump.  They then fill the MHC with new homes to rent.  This has happened 3 of the last four years.  I don't think it is going to end.  I think that they will be doing the same thing next year.  If you don't get a home this year, and you plan on getting one next year, I would plan on getting it ready to order this fall or winter.  I believe that you will run into the same thing if you wait until spring.  

Even though we probably cannot get a home this year, I would still love to meet with you to select a home that would be the best for your family.  It is not a waste of my time.  I would love to meet with you.   

New Floor plans.  

 I have a significant number of new plans coming out. They are big homes and homes with optional porches.  I will be putting them out at the same time as the pricing on the other models.  

 Like New - Used Homes to Consider

 I could sell either of these homes as a new home.  Used homes do not have the moving costs included.  I do have a mover that can do it all.  You may want to consider these 2 homes. 

2017 28 x 64 4 Bedroom Dutch.  $99,000. A new one would be guestimated at $160,000.  

2017 28 x 60 3 Bedroom Dutch.  $90,000.  A new one would be guestimated at $150,000