Seller Information

There is no fee unless it sells.

We don't care where your home is. We will market it, wherever it is.

Market Your Home With Us

I would love to visit with you about marketing your home for you.  No obligation.  You can read below but it doesn't do it like a phone call.  This way we can talk about your own situation.  

I have this website which reaches hundreds of people daily.  These are just people who are looking for manufactured homes.  They aren't looking at boats, motorcycles, cars, etc. They are looking at manufactured homes.   

Regionally Marketed

8 out of 10 buyers are wanting to move a home.  It has nothing to do with your location.  It is the fact that the people need the home where they want it.  They have to move anything that they buy there.  I have the movers.  Many people cannot get the movers to even return the call.  I do business with a lot of movers. 

Regional marketing is a way of reaching those people. Your home is marketed in Western Minnesota, all of North Dakota and some of South Dakota. It is a market that you won't want to miss. You want to make sure that you are reaching the “moving market”. We have the movers to make the move for your buyer a reality. We can get them a move estimate, etc. They will not make a buying decision until they know how they are going to move it.

Provide Financing

Our financing will include moving costs.  That is huge when marketing your home.  24 hour approval.  

Create a Market

Many times buyers may feel that your home is more money than they want to spend (everybody has been there, done that). We show them value in your home that might persuade them to spend more money to get more value. Others, we can show them how your home is a good value for the money that they are paying.

Sense of Urgency

Having a home listed for sale creates a sense of urgency with the buyer, that the home they may want will be sold before they can make a decision.

Focusing on the Buyer

Sometimes what you think is important about your home is not what the buyer thinks is important. We focus on how the home will fit the buyers needs not the reasons that you bought the home. Sometimes they are the same but more often than not, they are not.


Call us to discuss it. I am happy to talk to you whether you sell with me or not. I have advised many people who sell their own homes. We may be the right alternative for you but we may not. We need to explore if listing the home is the right decision for you.