Phone Appointments

What is a phone appointment?

It is just like setting a personal face to face appointment.  It is where we both agree on a time to call.  We set aside about 1 to 1 1/2 hour to discuss a new home or a number of new homes.

We discuss: 

  • the lot it is going to sit on.  Visibility, where to put the rear door.  
  • the home size and plan that would work best for you
  • revisions to the plan to make it yours.
  • Kitchens-  What kitchen do you want
  • Baths-  How much bath do you want.  Do you want a bath where it is totally about function (standard bath) or one that has a large shower and tub or everything in between.  
  • options.  I go through the price list and explain every option.  We get a price right there on the home that we spec'd out.  I email the revised price list to you. 
If there are revisions to the plan, I send them to the factory to have them drawn. 

 A phone appointment is good when weather and schedules do not permit a trip to Fargo. 

It is a great place to start in the purchase of a new home for you. 

I have sold many people homes that I have never met.  My homes are Champion Homes.  The Redman home is the same home as my home.  Many have looked at a Redman dealer close to them and saw the homes.  They were comfortable ordering a home over the phone.  I don't recommend it but I have done it enough times that I realize that it can be done effectively.