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My contact email is not currently working.  We are looking under the hood to repair it.  I always respond to emails and phone calls as fast as humanly possible.  If you have emailed me from my contact page and received no response, I am truly sorry.  I did not know that it was not working.  Please email directly by typing my email into your email and sending it.  The link on that is not working either.   Your emails are very important to me.  Sorry for any hassle.  Thank you all for your patience.   


Put on 2001 16 x 80(76) Dutch.  Located in Hawley.  $130 PARK RENT.  CHEAPEST IN AREA.  



Put on 2004 14 x 52(48) Skyline.  2 bedroom 1 bath.  $19,000.



Put on 1985  14 x 70 Detroiter.  3 Bedroom, 1 bath.  Sheetrock walls.  Stainless Steel appliances.  Fenced yard.  



Put on 1999 28 x 70 Patriot.  4 Bedrooms.  2 bath.  Family room.  Very nice.  Located in Buxton, ND Can be moved, you can buy the lot it is on or you can rent the lot.  


Put on a new Dutch floor plan.  3 bedrooms 2 bath.  Virtual tour.  New Rustic Decor.


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