Apex Package Homes

The Best Value 


2860 235 236      $120,585

2864 235 236      $124,355

2872 235 236      $133,510

2880 235 236      $139,660

Why is it so expensive?  When it is the "Best Value", it should be less.  That is a fair assessment.  By the best value, it is more for less.  The question of the day is "do I need or want more stuff".  They take a lot of premium stuff and make it standard.  It is great if you want all the things that they put on the home but might not be so good if you don't.    

When Dutch first started building homes, they were a "package home".  Most everything was standard.  There were very few options to add for.  This is a throwback to the original Dutch home.   

The exterior has been significantly upgraded standards  I tried to calculate the "savings".   Of course, the base price is higher when they put more stuff in standard but not to the amount that it would be if you optioned in all the standard features.  I calculated over $16,000 in "savings".  I figured that they raised the base price about $8,000.  This resulted in $8,000 in "savings".  It is savings if you ordered all the standard features in the home.  If there are things that you don't want, it is probably not a savings.  It is a very good value in the marketplace.    The other thing is that I cannot make a lot of changes to the floor plan of the home.

I can build this home without all the options.  This will allow me to make changes to the floor plan and price it with the options that you want.     

Floor Plans

Price Lists 

Virtual Tour 

The virtual tours are excellent. There are navigation instructions when you get into the tour.   The key glory is to click on  the rectangular box in the lower left corner.  It is the "doll house".  You can click on the room that you want to see and it will go to that room.  Use your mouse to navigate the room.  It is easier on a computer than a mobile device.  It does work on a mobile device though.  It is a great virtual tour.  The key to glory is to click on the little circles on the floor.  Double clicks works also.  My advice is to play a little.  It should come to you.  I know that it is horrible for some of us less techy people.  Sorry........


 Below are some pictures.  They are not of the actual home.  They are of the model in the Virtual tour.  I will have pictures of my model when the home gets here.


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