3280 905 906 Woodward

$220,910. Woodward

I have called this a Woodward home due to the kitchen and kitchen pantry.  This is not a stock factory floor plan.  . 

We 3280 209 210, removed the Bonus room off the master bedroom.  We then had room for the Woodward kitchen and pantry.  The family room 3 bedrooms, baths 2, bath 3 and the laundry room came from 3280 210. 

The 901,902 etc. numbers are my fabrication.  They are my model number for homes that I have designed.   

As I write this description (March 20th), the home is scheduled to be here about May 1st.  It will be set right after that.  I will then have a virtual tour of this home.  The virtual tour below is the 3280 901.  The home is priced with the options that are actually in this home not the options in the virtual tour home.  The kitchen is identical.  The rest is different.   

Some of the options on the home are: 

  • Ultimate kitchen 2
  • Serenity shower 
  • Mini picture over the sink (my favorite).
  • Patio door
  • Can lights all over the place. 

Floor Plans

Floor plans- Woodward family of homes.  Want to see a other homes in the Woodward family?  Click on a plan below.  


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Virtual Tour

This home was built from 2 different homes.  You can look at the kitchen of the 3280 901 and the family room 3 bedrooms, utility room, bath 2 and bath 3 from the 3280 210. We are delivering the home in May.  We will have an actual virtual tour of the home then.