3280 903 904 Kimberly

$222,302    2305 sq. ft.  

I have called this a Woodward home due to the kitchen and kitchen pantry.  This is not a stock factory floor plan.  I called it a Woodward because of the kitchen and pantry.  The 901,902 etc. numbers are my fabrication.  If you look at the floor plan, they call it a NELSON model.  I do this with some frequency so I just gave it numbers. 

The customer and I designed the floor plan.  I had a 2880 that was similar that I had built.  The customer decided to super size it.    We took parts of different homes and put them in one home. We started with a Woodward kitchen with the pantry.  We added a large utility room.  Due to the 4 bedroom, we could only put in a serenity shower.  No room for a bath tub.    

As I write this descriptions, the home is being delivered and set up.  I don't have a virtual tour of it right now but I will have one as soon as it is set up.  The virtual tour below is the 3280 901.  The home is priced with the options that are actually in this home not the options in the virtual tour home.  The kitchen is identical.  The rest is different.   

Some of the options on the home are: 

  • Ultimate kitchen 2
  • Serenity shower 
  • Mini picture over the sink (my favorite).
  • Patio door
  • Can lights all over the place.  
It was nicely optioned.  

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Virtual Tour

This is not the virtual tour of this home.  It is close but it is not.  We are setting this home up as I am writing this.  The home is not priced as this virtual tour.   This is the 4 bedroom model of the 3280 901 Catalina.