3276 205 206 Henderson

$217,491. Dutch Henderson

Wow, is this a great floor plan.  The kitchen is unbelievable.  I don't think that I have ever had a kitchen with more cabinets.  The home has an optional master bedroom that takes part of the great room for a the master walk in closet. It creates a foyer and makes the master bath much larger.  I love it. 

Frankly, I did not see the factory virtual tour until now since the virtual tour was done as a modular home.  That has a different model number than the Henderson.  It came out a year ago.  I did not have any time to put it on the internet.  I regret that.  This is a wonderful home.  

The home is "loaded".  Some of the options are: 

  • Ultimate Kitchen 2
  • Optional Serenity Shower and wardrobe. (The same that is in the Virtual tour.  
  • The master bedroom wardrobe made a foyer for the front door.  
  • Drywall
  • Urban Oak Cabinets
  • Urban Oak Trim 
  • Utility room cabinets.    

Floor Plans

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       3276 205 206 3 bedroom.  No family room.

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Virtual Tour

Very Important.  This virtual tour is of a 3268 205 modular home that Dutch builds.  The 3276 205 206 is pretty much the same except it added a 4th bedroom.  The floor plan and most of the options are the same as what is on my Dutch home.  The manufactured home will be very similar,  I would be happy to go through the tour with you.  I can show you what is different.  There are some options that I did not put on the my home. The 3276 205 206 has 4 bedrooms rather than the 3 bedrooms that the tour shows.