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Price: $214,802. Shelby

Very intriguing home.  The front door and the utility room both go out the front of the home. (Also end door option available).

The kitchen is neat.  It is interesting where the dining area is.  Great visibility to the front of the home. 

The kitchen has lots of counter space.  The foyer is unique.  It is very nice how the home opens up when you come in the foyer.  

Somebody was thinking out of the box when they designed this floor plan.

The home is displayed with an Ultimate Kitchen 3.  That has been discontinued.  We can get the Ultimate Kitchen 2.   

Optional End Door 

 There is an optional end door that I want to bring to your attention.  What it does is switch the 2 bedrooms and utility room from the original plan.  

Floor Plans

Related Floor plan

Same Kitchen, Living room layout.  No Family room. 


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Other Helpful Links

Virtual Tour

As you can see the Virtual Tour is for the smaller sister of this home.  The kitchen, Living room, utility room and bathrooms are the same.  They have gone to "families of homes".  This is where they have a same basic plan in a number of sizes.  You can compare the 2 floor plans and see the differences.  It is the family room and bedrooms.   

Click here to view another virtual tour.   It is different style than the Virtual below.  It even has music.  (I would mute the music.  It is pretty disgusting).     

This is priced with the options of the virtual tour.     The Virtual tour is different than the floor plan.  The utility room was moved to the end of the home.  The kitchen, living room master bedroom and master bath are correct.