2872 205 206 Woodward

Price: $192,712.  Woodward

This home is part of the Woodward family of homes.     

The home is priced with the options displayed in Virtual Tour.  The home is priced with the Ultimate Kitchen 2 and a serenity shower. 

  • Ultimate kitchen 2 Lot of stuff included in the UK2.  
  • Serenity shower (ceramic shower) with a furniture style vanity.  
  • Large pantry off the kitchen with an optional organizer
  • Patio door
  • Door has been moved to the end of the home from the back of the home.  
  • Floating pantry.  It is the cabinet in the living room.  Many folks remove it and move the wall to make the master bedroom bigger.  You could also make the living room bigger. 
  • Closet organizer in the master bedroom.  

 "Let us build it your way" 

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Financing Information

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Virtual Tour

This virtual tour is of the 2864 225. Kind of confusing.  The kitchen and bath are the same.  The only difference is that you have to imagine a family room.  They moved the bathroom to the other side of the home.  With the 8 feet added and they took a few feet from here and a few feet from there and presto we have a family room.