2868 245 246 Georgetown

Price: $198,113.  Georgetown  1705 sq. ft. 

What an interesting floor plan.  This is the ultimate visibility if you want visibility off both ends of the home.  Also the kitchen, living room and dining are on the same side of the home.  This would make for outstanding visibility of the front of the home.  All the bedrooms and utility room is off the back side of the home.  Great for lake lots or farm lots that have a lot of trees in the back.  

I customized a home for a customer that ended up similar to this home.  I think they modified my customized home to convert it to a standard floor plan home.  The center utility room is interesting also. 

The home is priced as the virtual tour.  It is shown with partial drywall.  Most folks will want a full drywall home.  This homes was at a show where they were demonstrating the partial drywall.  It is also priced with the black stainless steel kitchen package.  Of course, we can put in a number of choices for bathroom options.  We can also do an Ultimate Kitchen II or III if it is desired.  

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Virtual Tour

The Virtual tour is shown with partial drywall.  (no drywall in the bedrooms, Kitchen)  They put in ceramic and subway tile in the kitchen