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Price: $131,600 1706 sq ft. 

This home has all the visibility to the front of the home.  No visibility to the rear of the home.  It also has no visibility to the end of the home.  Really open floor plan. I am not sure that I would put in the optional cabinets between the dining and great rooms.  Might spoil some of the openness if that is what you want.  It would be an 8 ft. opening even with the cabinets there.   

I could see a couple of more windows added to the front of the home in front of the island and dining area.  You could also put in a patio door off the dining room.  I could really see this home if it faced east.  To get that morning east sun....  That could be very desirable.  You would also get the evening shade. 

You could put visibility out the end if you wanted.  What could be done is move the sink to the end wall from the island.  Put in a arch window or a mini picture window.  That would improve your visibility to the end wall. 

They offer an optional kitchen with the sink in the front wall.  Lots of counter space with the optional kitchen.

I priced the home with the Ultimate kitchen.  It looks like they are pricing the ultimate kitchen with a professional refrigerator.  Unusual.  I have never seen the ultimate kitchen priced with a professional refrigerator. If you stay with the Ultimate Kitchen 2, you will not be able to change up the kitchen much. 

I priced the home with a serenity bath.  Each of the bedrooms have large walk in closets.  

This is really a livable floor plan. 

 "Let us build it your way" 

Floor Plans

  • 2868 211 printable floor plan  It is easier to bring up the printable floor plan to look at than the one above.  It also has the optional kitchen and bath drawn up.  

Price List

Please view the printable price list (PDF, 660.19 KB) for this home. This is the price with the options that I chose for the home. If is price with an upgrade kitchen and bathroom.  It is price how many people would order a home of this size.  It is generally "loaded".  Your price will depend if you add options to it or leave off options that I chose. This is a limited option list. The Dutch option list is 7 pages, 2 columns. I can do about anything to the home that you can imagine.

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