3280 905 Stock Home

$223,792   Build Date-  October 7, 2022

This is a home that I "created".  Dutch does not offer it as a standard floor plan.  Actually it came from an excellent suggestion of a customer.  The factory let me customize it. 

I took the kitchen and pantry from a 2864 225.  I took the rest of the home from the 3280 209.  I combined the two homes.  A lot of people liked the pantry.  I converted the bonus room in the 209 to the kitchen-pantry.  I have a customer that bought the home with delivery this spring.  I will have a virtual tour of the home after it is delivered.  If you let me know that you want to look at the home, we can meet at the homesite to look at the home.  The home is being set up south of Jamestown.  The home is set for delivery in early to mid-May.  

Some of the options included with the home are: 

  • 3 bathrooms
  • Ultimate kitchen II (click here to see what is included in the UK2)
  • Stainless appliances- French door refrigerator
  • Utility room sink and cabinets
  • Upgrade carpet
  • Deck tub in the master bath
  •  60" shower with ceramic tile
  • A wonderful mini picture window over the kitchen sink.  
  • Olive color siding with exterior trim lineals.
  • 20' Dormer
  • Patio door
  • Pantry organizer
  • Ozark Shadow cabinets (gray)
  • ADA Height elongated toilets
  • 12 Can lights 

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