2856 221 Ventura Stock home

$158,185 In stock.  Can be viewed.  

The home is a favorite with many people.  An affordable home with a separate family room. 

The separate family room has a lot of uses.  The uses can change with time.  It can be: 

  • Can be a separate TV room for couples who don't necessarily watch the same TV programs.  (Football vs. Dancing with the Stars)  
  • A kids play room.
  • A 4th bedroom (you can add a wall and a door.  Presto.  A 4th bedroom.)
  • Room for pool table.  Might be a little of a tight fit but it would work. 
  • Office- for those who work from home.  
The home can change character many times over the life of the home.  Flexibility. 

Some of the selected options included in the home are: 

  • A 20 ft. dormer with a bump out.  
  • Lineal trim on all the windows and doors.
  • Optional Dark blue siding.
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • A glamour bathroom that is below
  • Patio door
  • home has a lot of options
  • Can lights,
The Glamour Bath 

 Floor Plans

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Virtual Tour

The home is not currently set up.  I will have a virtual tour when the home is set up.