16 x 80 Kitchen Pictures

This is totally an aide to help in viewing the floor plans.  In my opinion, the differences between homes is in the kitchens and baths.  I will have both displayed on this page.  Just remember if you make one room bigger, another room will get smaller.  Bigger bath means smaller something else.  Bigger bedrooms means smaller living rooms.  You will certainly have to prioritize.   

I recommend that you view the kitchens with each floor plan.  You will find many different pictures of the same kitchen.  Some pictures are factory pictures and some are homes that I have sold and taken pictures of.  

Some of the plans are very similar.  The 215 and 245 and the  247 and 257 are essentially the same plans.  One has a larger dining area and living room.  The other has larger bedrooms.  I can help compare the two plans.  There are a number of differences between these models. 


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