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Price: $100,885. Disc    1152 sq.ft.

If you want a lot of visibility out of the end of the home, this is a great choice. This has the porch on the front end of the home. As with any home where the kitchen or living room is on the end, the bedrooms get pretty beat up. The bedrooms are smaller.

One customer who chose this home, said that he was trading a utility room for the porch. By accepting the washer dryer in the hallway instead of a utility room, it allowed for the porch. That is another way of looking at this home. It is tough to choose this home because you are utilizing limited square feet to the outside of the home. 

 "Let us build it your way"  

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Virtual Tour

The virtual tour does not show the porch.  It say it is an Advantage.  It is the same as the Dutch home.  



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