1680 215 216

Price: $98,990. Fortune.  1152 sq. ft.

People who have bought this home like the openness of the kitchen and living room. The kitchen looks like a wall of cabinets. It has the separate utility room. Nice plan.

Some have moved a window in the living room across the room for a double window on the dining room side. This would give you a wall without windows for furniture placement, TV, and a place for pictures.

Some folks have omitted the rear door out and installed a patio door. We can do this any way that fits your family or your lot. That allows you to build a large deck between the front door and the patio door on the model 216.

This is very much like the 1680 245. It is basically the same floor plan. The dining room is much larger than 245. The bedrooms are all much smaller than 245. So If you don’t want a larger dining area and you want smaller bedrooms this is the choice.

You can finance this home with as little as 5% down payment with good credit. 

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When it asks for a Dealer Number, our number is 243/1.      

5% would be $3,500

 "Let us build it your way" 

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