1680 209 210

Price: $73,565   1152 sq. ft.

This is a very open floor plan.  This is similar to the 1680 251 252.  There are a couple of minor differences.  09,10 have a rear door standard.  251,252 has a patio door standard.  Bath 2 is different in the 2 homes.  09,10 has it in the corner, 51,52 has it between the 2 bedrooms. 

This model does offer a optional bath but it does make the master bedroom considerably smaller.

09,10 has considerably more visibility out the side of the home than 251,252 and has a hutch.  251,252 has an entry closet and a cabinet.

 "Let us build it your way" 

Floor Plans

Price List

Please view the printable price list (PDF) for this home. This is the price with the options that we chose for the home. Your price will depend if you add options to it or leave off options that we chose. This is a limited option list. The Dutch option list is 7 pages, 2 columns. We can do about anything to the home that you can imagine.

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