Seller Financed Homes

What is seller financing (contract for deed)?

It is where the seller (in this instance the park) finances the home like a bank. Each park has their own qualifying criteria. Generally, they do not look at a minimum credit score. If your problems are in the past and you are generally stable with income, etc, you will probably qualify.

Normally our homes require 10% minimum down payment.

What if I don't see a home that I want?

As long as you put the home in an approved park, we can order you a brand new home.  You would pick the location, floor plan, colors, options.  We could change a floor plan.  It takes about 3 months to be moved in.  If you have a lease coming up, I would start on it right away.  We can have it here before you need it.  You would not pay park rent or payments until you move in.  I would not wait to the very end.  It takes 2 months to build the home, 1 week to get it here, 1 to 2 weeks to set it up and a little slop time in case we run into weather.

Check the parks below to see what is available in each park.

  1. Regal Estates MHCRegal Estates MHC
  2. Riviera Heights MHCRiviera Heights MHC
  3. Hillsboro MHP (35 miles North of Fargo)Hillsboro MHP (35 miles North of Fargo)
  4. Countryside MHPCountryside MHP
  5. Brookwood MHCBrookwood MHC