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Paul Nelson.

Point of Interest-  If you have been monitoring my site lately and noticed nothing has changed in a while- you are right.  In the middle of August, I was informed by my website host that the program that I was using would be no longer be supported.  I could not update or put any new content on my site.  I had to do everything from scratch to build a new website with an unfamiliar program.  Of course they had given me notices by email.  They are one of those annoying companies that think that if you are signed up with them that gives them a license to send you 5 emails a day.  Well, I went into my account ant turned them off.  Consequently, I turned off my notice.  So it blindsided me.  I had been using that program since 2003.  It ran like a top.  Never a problem so why change.  Well, this is the product of that change.  

Welcome to The Nelson Homes website.  We are located in West Fargo, ND.  

We sell new Dutch Manufactured Homes and used homes.  

We also offer Seller financed homes.  This is where the park finances the home like a bank would.  It is only offered in certain parks and the home must remain in the park until it is paid for.  They cannot be sold to be moved.  This is a good way for credit challenged folks to purchase a new home.  Click on the Seller financed tab above for more information.

If you are selling a home, please call us for a free consultation.