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Paul Nelson.

Welcome to The Nelson Homes website.  We are located in West Fargo, ND.  

We sell new Dutch Manufactured Homes and used homes.  

We also offer Seller financed homes.  This is where the park finances the home like a bank would.  It is only offered in certain parks and the home must remain in the park until it is paid for.  They cannot be sold to be moved.  This is a good way for credit challenged folks to purchase a new home.  Click on the Seller financed tab above for more information.

If you are selling a home, please call us for a free consultation.​

Latest Updates.  

February 5th Put on  9 homes with Seller financing (contract for deed)

​           Seller Financed

February 5th Put on

           1999 16 x 80 Schult

           1970 14 x 60 Schult