2880 801

Price: $149,435

You will not find this home in the brochure.  We felt that we needed another 28 x 80.  We drew out this floor plan for a customer.  We felt that this is a good plan for a number of our customers. 

A couple of things to note.  You will notice no front door.  The original customer did not want a door on that side of the home.  The home is priced with the standard front door.  

You will notice that these are not the same floor plan.   There are actually 2 floor plans.  The top floor plan has an Ultimate Kitchen 2 and a serenity shower (no tub).  Originally the customer wanted the standard kitchen.  They then changed their mind and wanted the Ultimate Kitchen 2 from the 2864 225.  The bottom floor plans is the original plan that they wanted.  Standard kitchen with a serenity shower with a bath tub. (It is not a radiant bath).  You will notice that we priced the serenity bath with no tub on the price list but we put in a note how much the serenity shower with the tub would be. 

The home is priced with the Ultimate Kitchen 2, the utility room and the serenity shower.  You can remove or add any options that you would like. 

Floor Plans

Price List

Please view the printable price list for this home. This is the price with the options that we chose for the home. Your price will depend if you add options to it or leave off options that we chose. This is a limited option list. The Dutch option list is 7 pages, 2 columns. We can do about anything to the home that you can imagine.

Virtual Tour

The virtual tour below only applies to the kitchen and master bath.  It is a different home but with this ultimate kitchen and master bath.