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This page is intended to provide you information that you might need in the purchase of a used manufactured home.  We have set it up in the form of "frequently asked questions".  Our discussion is set up into 3 parts- Buying a home, Moving a home and General Questions about homes.  Every situation is different.  Call us or email us.  We want to talk to you about any home that you may be purchasing.  Whether you are purchasing the home from us, another dealer or a private party, it makes no difference.  Call us.                                         

Buying a Home

Is there sales tax on used homes?

There is no sales tax on homes with a few unusual exceptions.

Do the prices include moving?

The prices do not include moving the home to your site  We have movers that we suggest.  Who we suggest will depend on your individual situation.  You will have a moving bid before you make a deal on a home.  There are no surprises.  Our suggestion is to not be afraid of the moving costs.  Look at the total cost of the home moved and set up on your site.  Some of your best values are a distance away.  Actually the cost  for the extra mileage is not that great.  The labor is the same no matter where the home is.  Look at the total picture is my suggestion..

Why does the pricing of homes seem so varied?

There is no rhyme or reason to the price of homes.  Each seller and selling situation is different.  There is no consistency to prices.  It will drive you crazy trying to figure them out.


Why are there so few homes on the market?

There are less homes out at one time every year.  Many if not all the dealers quit selling homes into parks and property where they are not permanently attached to the land.  These are the homes that come up for re-sale as a used home.  Dealers since 2000 have been selling home primarily to people who have land and permanently attach the home to the land.  Subsequently, they will sell them with the land as real estate if the home is re-sold.  The dealers in the past couple of years have been selling primarily modular homes and not manufactured home double wide homes. (a discussion of the differences is beyond our scope for this discussion).  If you price out what a new manufactured home is compared to a used home that is essentially the same quality of construction of the home, you will quickly realize why there is such a demand for used homes.  Many people keep homes for many, many years.  You will notice that there are fewer and fewer homes to choose from every year.  People think that is good for me.  Well, I like to eat every day.  If I don't have anything to sell, that is not a good thing.  The time on the market is getting very short on each home.  I would recommend watching the "what's new" section of my website and consider a home quickly if you like it.  I hope to do my share by searching for the best valued manufactured homes.


How much does it cost to move and set up a single wide home?

This depends on what state you are in.  Minnesota has many more rules and regulations.  North Dakota and South Dakota are not nearly as bad. 

Call us to get an estimate for your situation.

Guestimate number are as follows:

North Dakota-  $2500 to $4,000 depending on if you use existing skirting, get new skirting or install the skirting yourself. 

Minnesota- $3,000 to $4,500 depending on skirting and anchoring.  Private property set ups require frost piers also.  This is with licensed set up people. 

How much does it cost to move and set up a double wide home?

Generally it costs $6,000 to  $10,000 plus frost piers.  There are so many variables that I hesitate to write about it here.  Get a bid on a specific home to a specific site.   Call me and let's talk about it.  I am happy to discuss it with you.    

Should you move a double as one unit or should you split the home?

Generally It does not matter whether you split the home or move it as one piece.  Moving it as one piece requires a house mover and not a manufactured home mover.  It is not because it is hard on the home to split it , it is not.  The costs are very similar.  The thing that determines whether we would use a house mover or a manufactured home mover are:  how far it has to go, the site where it currently is    the site where it is going to. and the availability of the movers.   Most of the homes are split when moved.

What do they do when they unblock and re-set up a home?

They remove the skirting, remove some of the end siding, remove the lag bolts, remove the trim on the "marriage wall", split the carpeting, jack one half away from the other half and put plastic on and transport.  When they get it there, the set one half.  They pull the other half about 2 to 3 feet away from it.  They then remove the plastic, jack the home over to it (they actually have equipment that does this), and level the home,  They will put it together, re-install the end siding, roof cap, the inside trim, hang the doors and re-skirt. 

What can I do to lower the moving costs?

Single wide-  It is possible to set the home yourself.  You can have a mover just haul the home.  We would be happy to tell you how to do it.  You must be a mechanical type person.  You can definitely deal the skirting to save money.  There is no time factor with that.  You can skirt it anytime after the home is delivered.  Ask the mover what you can do to save money on the move.   

Double wide- A professional should definitely take it apart and put it back together.  What a person can do is to deal with the siding on and off, the trim on and off and the skirting.  The mover will generally discount it quite a bit because it is time consuming work and they really don't like to do it. 

If you are at all mechanical, figure out what you want to do and ask the mover how much it will save. . 

Can you put a used double wide on a basement?

No.  Putting a home on a basement or a 4' foundation require a special frame.  Our used homes do not have those special frames.  You really need to buy a new home.  They can order the frame that would allow the home to be put on a basement or 4' foundation. 

There are things that can be done to put it on a basement without a special frame. We want no part of it and under no circumstance recommend it.  We wont' even talk about it.  It is a recipe for disaster. 

Generally basements = buying a new home and not a used home. 

General Questions

What is the condition like of the used homes?

We try to be very truthful about the condition of the homes.  Are they going to be perfect?  No.  Many people travel up to 300 miles to view a  home.  We want to be as accurate about the description of the home as we can. We hate to have anyone drive a distance and have them disappointed.  . 

When you say "clean", what does that mean

It does not  mean as clean as you would want it.  It means "generally clean".  The carpets have rarely been cleaned.  You will not be able to "white glove" the home.  I have heard "you mean this is clean?"  from some people who are not happy with how clean is the home.  Even homes that I think are very clean, somebody will take exception with.  When I say "clean:, I mean that it has very few repairs and is "generally clean".  A call about a home to discuss the cleanliness would be appropriate.

When should I consider a new home?

Sometimes a new home is what is called for and not a used home.  If you want it on a basement or a 4' foundation, a specific floor plan, or the condition of a used home is not up to your standards- a new home is the best choice.

We will frequently say:

 "if price is not important, we are not the ones to be talking to." 

Do homes appreciate or depreciate?

They do both.

A new or used home put on a pier foundation will be treated as the real estate in the area that it is located.  If the real estate market there is good, it will be good  with the manufactured home also. If it is in an area where there are other similar homes for sale, they will compete with those homes also.  It truly is a function of the scarcity and the desirability of the real estate and not the home itself.  The financing is there for it to sell for market value and it generally will.

By selling used homes, we generally feel that we are selling fully depreciated homes.  We have actually seen the market value of used homes rise the last couple of years.  This is primarily because of the price of the new homes.  It also depends on the home a little also.  If they have the new technology, they will retain their value better than if they have older technology.    I am told that a new 16 x 80 sells for around $50,000 today.  The 16 x 80 used will sell from $23,000 to $35,000 for a home with the same specs.  That is quite a little difference.  They have not sold many 16 x 80 homes new since 2000.  The dealers generally do not stock many.  This means that there are not going to be many in the used market in years to come.  This plays to the scarcity of the homes which will increase the market value.

A bigger variable is how well you care for the home.  That is really what is all about.  Just keeping it clean and de-cluttered is worth a lot at re-sale. 

The location is also a large variable.  Does it have to move or can it stay where it is at? 

As you can see, there is no one answer to the questions.

Generally, if you put a new home in a park or on property where it has to be moved when it is sold, the new home will depreciate.  I cannot get $60,000 for a 28 x 40 home no matter how new it is.  I can only sell a 16 x 80 for so much no matter how new it is.  This is because you can buy a new home with delivery, set up for the same money or very little difference.  You have to give the buyer a reason to purchase the home..  It is truly a function of the market. 
















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