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Welcome to The Nelson Homes  Fargo, Moorhead, Grand Forks, Wahpeton, Detroit Lakes, Eastern North Dakota and  Western Minnesota webpage.  We buy,  list, and sell, mobile and manufactured homes. We put over 30 pictures of each home on the webpage so you can see what you are going to look at before you go look.  No surprises.  Please give us a call to visit with us about a home, schedule an appointment to look at homes, list your home or for us to buy your home. 

If you are selling a home, please call me for a free consultation.  Absolutely no obligation. 

If you have any questions about anything, please call us.



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Outstanding kitchen and Master Bath.

Assumable loan.  $547 payment plus park rent.


28 x 60(56)                                

Redman                                   Contract for deed  No

Buena Vista MHC, Fargo, ND       3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                        $72,000 


Sale Pending.


28 x 60(56)                                

Clifton                                     Contract for deed  Yes

Brookwood MHC West Fargo, ND 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                        $44,000 




28 x 54(50)                                

Schult                                      Contract for deed  No

Rural, Galschutt, ND                  3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details       $44,900  $39,900Must be moved


Outstanding visibility.  Wood floors

Central air, storage shed, deck.         


28 x 60(56)                                                                                   Dutch                                             Contract For Deed-No

Buena Vista MHC, Fargo, ND             3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                          $39,900  Can be moved


Wow what a home.  Wood flooring throughout

Huge Screened porch.  Huge Built in Shop

Fenced yard.  2 monster storage shed.

Extraordinary clean.  Don't get any better than this         


16 x 80(76)                                     Can Be Moved.                            

Dutch                                             Contract for deed  No

Riviera Heights MHC, Fargo, ND          3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                           $29,900  




16 x 80(76)                                     Can Be Moved.                            

Holly Park                                       Contract for deed  No

Riviera Heights MHC, Fargo, ND          3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                           $29,900  




16 x 80(76)                                                                                  

Friendship                                      Contract for deed  No

Buena Vista MHC, Fargo, ND             3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                          $24,900  Can be moved


Two master bedrooms.  Large entryway, Room addition. Washer, dryer, central air.  Nice........  

Seller motivated.  Let's make a deal.....       


16 x 80(76)                                                                                  

Dutch                                            Contract for deed  No

Buena Vista, Fargo, ND                    2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                           $29,900  $24,900


Wonderful home.  Fenced yard, entryway, wood floors, washer dryer, new custom cabinets, Thermo pane windows.  Nice.  Estate sale.  Motivated Seller.  They want to settle the estate.  Let's git er done.        


16 x 80 

Schult                                              Contract for Deed- No

Brookwood MHC,West Fargo, ND          3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                          $ 19,900  Can be moved


Totally re-done. vinyl siding, tape and textured

walls, Thermo-pane windows, central air, washer, dryer, storage shed.  Very nice.        


14 x 60 

Schult                                            Contract for Deed- No

Meadowpark MHC, Fargo, ND             2 Bedroom, 1 Bath

Details                          $10,500  Can be moved


Clean, updated.  Thermo pane windowsiding, tape and textured walls, entryway, storage shed

Motivated Seller.  Let's git er done.        


14 x 70 

Greenhaven                                        Contract for Deed- No

Brookwood MHC,West Fargo, ND          2 Bedroom, 1 Bath

Details                          $ 9,900  Can be moved


New Carpeting, Entryway, Central air, storage shed        


14 x 70 

Marshfield                                         Contract for Deed- No

Regal Estates, Moorhead, MN               3 Bedroom, 1 1/2 Bath

Details                          $ 8,900  Can be moved


Needs lwork,  Stove, frig, washer, dryer,

Seller wants it sold.  Let's git er done.        


28 x 56 

Regal                                            Contract for Deed- No

Buena Vista MHC, Fargo, ND             3 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Details                          $ 3,000  Can be moved


What is Sale Pending?


Sale Pending is where there is an agreement to purchase but has not closed.  They are waiting for the possession date, a move or something else.  For all practical purposes, it is sold.  Occasionally, they do fall through but rarely.  If you are interested, please contact me to do what they would call a back up offer.  That way, if it were to come back for sale, I would contact you immediately to buy the home.


What is Contract for Deed?


Contract for Deed is where the seller (in our case, it is the parks) of the home finances the home much the same as a bank would.  You must have a down payment and the monthly payments are set up for the time it takes to fully pay off the home. 


It is meant for people who are stable who may have had credit challenges in the past but it is behind them.  You must have sufficient income to make the payments, a good rental history and no recent problems that would make them believe that you have a cash flow problem.  Recent evictions and foreclosures will probably generate a turndown.  Criminal problems are dealt with on an individual basis. 


Each park has it's own criteria for who they will accept.  They do not have a minimum credit score.  They want to make sure that your success is likely.  Late payments are not tolerated under any circumstances. 






































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